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Sangamner Medical Foundation & Research Institute

Vamanrao Ithape Polytechnic Sangamner since its inception has been working in the field of education. It has started various programs for the health care provisions of people in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra state in India. With precious blessings of founder father & pathfinder, Late Vamanrao Ithape, Hon'ble Dr. Ashokrao V. Ithape M.D. (Med.), a renowned medical practitioner, took steps to expand medical and paramedical technical education, and the numbers of institutions were established.

We believe the low productivity and lower income in rural areas is primarily because of lack of proper education and training. Dr. Ashokrao V. Ithape noticed this. He therefore along with his fellows colleagues, started Sangamner Medical Foundation & Research Institution at Sangamner in the year 1994 in order to serve the local people & through this, educate rural India.

Once a breakthrough is achieved in raising their productivity, the rise in income will automatically raise their standard of living and launch them on an accelerator of progressive financial freedom.

Aims and Objectives:

  • To impart modern engineering education and to develop professional, technical skills that will prepare the students for immediate employment in the relevant branch of engineering in different industries.
  • To develop awareness, competence of information technology, personality and communication skills to express views & ideas clearly amongst the society.
  • To create among students the curiosity, desire, social awareness, ethics and the ability to keep learning through life.

Sister Institutes:

  • Vamanrao Ithape Polytechnic Sangamner
  • Vamanrao Ithape Nursing College
  • Vamanrao Ithape Pharmacy College
  • Vamanrao Ithape Homeopathic College & Hospital

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