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  Department of Mechanical Engineering

List of Laboratories

Design and Drawing Lab
Power Engineering Lab
Fluid Mechanics Lab
Production Lab

Information About Department & Lab

The department has taken development as a continuous process and assured this through its mission. The department has blend of senior, young and dynamic staff..

The department also has “Departmental Library” for the departmental students having reference as well as text books. The library also contains different reference project as well as seminar reports. The department is also providing LCD and projector facility for the effective teaching.

The department arranges various expert lectures, educational visits, programming contest for students. The overall goal of the department is to make brilliant and dynamic students to meet the industry challenges.

Faculty Members :

Sr. No. Name Designation Qualification
02. Prof.Satpute T.R. Lecturer BE Mech
03. Prof.Shelake S.D. Lecturer BE Mech
04. Prof.Satpute N.A. Lecturer BE Mech
05. Prof.Gholap M.U. Lecturer BE Mech
06. Prof.Kadlag N.S. Lecturer BE Mech
07. Prof.Waditke P.J. Lecturer BE Mech
08. Prof.Rohmare Y.S. Lecturer BE Mech
09. Prof.Kadam P.V. Lecturer BE Mech
10. Prof.Bhujadi P.H. Lecturer BE Mech
11. Prof.Bothe T.A. Lecturer BE Mech
12. Prof.Ghuge S.R. Lecturer BE Mech
13. Prof.Wackchaure R.P. Lecturer BE Mech
14. Prof.Varpe V,P. Lecturer BE Mech
15. Prof.Khemnar P.T. Lecturer BE Mech
16. Prof.Gulve J.S. Lecturer BE Mech
17. Prof.Ghare P.D. Lecturer BE Mech

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